The Swiss Normandy

Swiss Normandy, it’s a little piece of France in Normandy. The ever-changing panorama offers a diversity of impressive landscapes. Quaint little villages nestled deep in the valleys or nestled on a hillside studded scenery to take your breath away.

Deep valleys, steep its slopes, gorges and white water made him endorse his name.

Located thirty kilometers south of Caen, this area was designed by the meanders of the Orne who notched rocks of the Armorican massif, the oldest of the Earth (800 million years) …

The activities

It was at St Omer begins the “Ridge Road” that dominates the peaks of the “Sugar Loaf” and “Rocks Parks” along with wonderful outlook on the relief of Norman Mountains.

The amateur can practice here every mountain sports. Hang gliding, paragliding, canoeing, climbing … Hiking, riding or mountain biking, golf
Angling enthusiasts will also find here a paradise where pike, perch, trout, perch, carp and other fish are walking over the waves. … Rocky escarpments where gorse and broom cling and many followers of the rock climbing.

Suisse normande